person weighing themselves

You’re worth your weight in gold

Today, if someone says to you ” You’re worth your weight in gold”, you could tell them …you’re  almost  worth $2.7 or $2.4 million!

Today,  if someone says to you, “You look like a million bucks!”,  tell them … actually more like three million,

[$1189.95/gold (ounce)] X [your weight (pounds)]  X [16 ounces/pound] = $2,694,046.80 or 2,370,380.04  (assuming  you match the average weight  of a man (141.5 pounds) or women (124.2 pounds) in the US.

Some of us may be richer or poorer but “Oh for the days when gold reached its peak of $1896.50/ounce on September 5, 2011.